Relentless Sport Boot Application
Trevor Brazile Sport Boots

Achieve maximum support and protection by properly applying your Sport Boots:
  1. Start with the correct boot: the inside of each boot is marked either “left” or “right”.
  2. Fold back the Velcro: Our velcro is the toughest made. Folding these tabs back and out of the way lets you position the boot without interference.
  3. Cup the fetlock portion of the boot in your palm and position it on your horse’s fetlock: You will feel it “cup” the fetlock joint when it’s in the proper position.
  4. .Snugly attach the middle Velcro strap.
  5. Attach the top strap, and then the bottom strap (not the suspensory strap): Pull them snugly to ensure a secure fit. Eliminate any gaps that can collect dirt and debris.
  6. Pull the suspensory strap tightly underneath the horse’s fetlock and attach to the front of the boot. IMPORTANT: This strap should be pulled tightly, and positioned at a 45 degree angle to the ground to create a protective sling.
  7. If necessary, you can now re-adjust the upper straps to make sure the boot is gap free and contoured to the cannon bone.
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