Caring for your Relentless Sport Boots

Extend the life and performance of your Trevor Brazile Relentless Sport Boots by taking a few simple steps:
  1. Brush accumulated dirt from the inside and outside of your boots after each use.
  2. If it’s been a tough workout and your boots are sweaty or grimy, give them a quick spray with the hose.
  3. Dried sweat can be corrosive as well as stiffening your boots.
  4. Store your boots with the insides exposed for thorough drying. 
  5. Give your boots an occasional thorough cleaning by hand washing them in cold water with a mild detergent or shampoo.
  6. PLEASE! DO NOT MACHINE WASH! (this can break down the protective padding and damage the Velcro)
  7. Dry your boots in the SHADE! Prolonged exposure to sunlight will fade your boots and damage the materials,  reducing their effectiveness.

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